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Autumn Waters

Autumn Waters

Human trafficking is a worldwide epidemic. Not just abroad, but right here. In the U.S., and in Salt Lake City, Utah, where I currently live.

This is no longer simply conceptual for me. I was almost taken. 

I took a ride in a cab (by myself) to a residence where I was staying (by myself)…and that night they came for me.

I am one of the lucky ones. Through the Grace of God, I escaped. What I did not escape are the deeply traumatic effects of this encounter on my psyche and the abject terror that it called forth from the depths of me.

Psychologically, emotionally and physiologically, I unraveled.

After much soul-searching and asking of the big “why”s, from this current place on my path to recovery, WomensSafety.org was born.

This organization birthed itself through a deep and all-abiding desire to help women and girls of all ages to educate themselves. Our goal is to assist women in becoming thoroughly PREPARED. Mentally, physically and cellularly, for ANYTHING that they may encounter.

We live in a society, in a world, where women have become objectified to the extreme, creating a culture of entitlement with regard to the masculine. In this current paradigm, as it stands, many women are just not safe.

It is the whole-hearted mission of all of us affiliated with WomensSafety.org to create a COMPLETE platform that provides women and girls everywhere with a safe, secure environment in which to learn and APPLY situational awareness, preparedness, and defense of the highest order.

It is our commitment to support women in educating and readying their systems on ALL LEVELS to avoid becoming victims of sexual assault and human trafficking.

We come together now to right the existing imbalance and to RECLAIM OUR INHERENT POWER. Please join us.

In humility and Gratitude,


Lana Fink


My mission is to help empower women in their lives.  It is important to connect with other women and support them in their journey.  By being a part of this training program, women can feel empowered and learn ways to protect themselves and better own their power and beauty.  The strength that women can achieve with this program will help raise the awareness level with other women and strengthen our community.

Josh Tyler

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Josh is a professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter for Jeremy Horn’s Elite Performance Team & Gym; a Modern Army Combatives Program, Level 2 instructor; and an instructor at the University of Utah. He enjoys teaching and inspiring others, and has committed much of his time to his students and fellow athletes.

Josh continues to perfect his craft in the ring, as well as the classroom, bringing his hard work, never say die spirit, and enthusiasm to his peers. Now perched on the edge of his prime, and getting ready to pursue new opportunities in MMA, Josh continues to show others the strength of the American spirit, and sense of committed honor.

“This workshop is designed to educate and empower women so that they don’t have to live their lives in constant fear. I want my wife and daughter, and women everywhere, to possess the skills and confidence to maintain their safety in any situation.” — Josh

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Justin Schoenrock


For years I worked as a negotiator for various companies who operate in high risk areas south of our border. There, daily threats of violence and abduction were part of my life. These experiences taught me that effective security is not just about knowing how to fight when things go wrong. It is far more about seeing and recognizing threats in your environment and adapting your routine in order to avoid them. Knowing what to look for and how to use the tools in your environment to avoid physical altercations and other risks is a vital part of self-protection. Developing daily habits which foster such “Situational Awareness” is perhaps the greatest tool you can utilize to protect yourself and your loved ones.

I owe my life and well-being to the Tang Wei Academy where students learn the best of each of a wide variety of martial arts, whose concepts are constantly being updated and modified to provide the best possible training for real-world situations. We train as actively to avoid danger as we train to confront it.

I’m willing to help in any way I can. Let’s do this!


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