REFLEX: A Defensive Workshop for Women

REFLEX is a One-day Workshop that will Teach You how to Overcome a Larger and Stronger Attacker

We Will Teach You How to:

  • Identify the Level of Threat
  • Make Quick and Appropriate Decisions
  • Avoid a Victim Mentality
  • Maintain a Survivor’s Mindset
  • Respond with Appropriate Force
  • Remove Yourself from the Situation

You Will Learn the Skills to:

  • Strike Quickly at an Attacker’s Most Vulnerable Points
  • Free Yourself from an Attacker if Taken to the Ground
  • Temporarily Incapacitate an Attacker
  • Then Flee

At the End of this Workshop, You Will Have:

  • An In-Depth Understanding of How to Respond to Real-World Threats
  • The Confidence of Preparedness as an Antidote to Fear
  • Access to a Community of Like-Minded Women for Continued Support and Learning


Adults: $125

Students: $105

Teens: $95

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